Season Program

Summer 2024: Compositions

12 June - 21 September

Summer 2024: Compositions

This summer 2024 season, titled 'Compositions', is an ode to all the writers in our community. A season dedicated to fostering a space for wordsmiths in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.


To the writers who haven’t written for themselves, the creatives too busy with their nine-to-fives to focus on their five-to-nines, those needing to channel their emotions from heart to pen to paper, and anyone dealing with imposter syndrome or feelings of being out of place—'Compositions' is a response to the growing need for a space for writers of all kinds.


Our Summer 2024 program presents the continuation of two major exhibitions and featured events that include a writers’ group, workshops, film screenings, panel discussions, a board game corner, and special events surrounding the written word. 'Compositions' will also see a return of 421 favorites such as the Khayal Series, Performance Co/Labs, and a Jamming Session.


The major exhibitions Mona Ayyash: The Clock Doesn’t Care and On a Timeline: 2024 MFA Graduate Show will continue until August 25, 2024. 


This summer also marks one year since we initiated our community-driven Performance Co/Lab series, a movement workshop that invited performing artists, creatives, and curious individuals looking to explore performance as practice. 


We are also excited to announce the launch of our Board Game Corner in the Reading Room for friends and family of all ages to join in on some off-screen entertainment! We’ll be starting out with the classics, Uno, Jenga, Sequence, and building up as we go. This will be running throughout the summer.