Rhapsody of Relations

27 April
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Rhapsody of Relations

Join us in a workshop led by artist Engy Mohsen, a participant in  the group exhibition, Network Culture. The artist will take us through the work featured in the exhibition, which is titled ‘How to love many in many ways’. The interactive installation is based on an open-edition collection of games, exercises, and playful texts that depart from expanded notions of “love”.


Love is so big a concept that it can be grasped and interpreted in innumerable ways; it frames our relationships and the way we connect with ourselves and everything in our surroundings. Here, we will be participating in a series of games with the artist to  learn more about each other and our love languages. 


Workshop itinerary

- Introduction to the project, the website and authors
- How to Love Many in Many Ways (4-6 exercises = 40 minutes)
- Embodied Encounters (2-3 exercises = 30 minutes)
- Take that Loving Grace (5 rounds = 20 minutes)
- Reflections/questions (15 minutes)


Open to ages 18 years and above. 

About the instructor

Engy Mohsen (b. 1995, Cairo) is an architect and visual artist who lives and works in Cairo. Throughout her body of work, she fosters an interest in the discourse around socially-engaged practices and the notions of participation, collectivity, and discursivity. While she navigates the overlap between art and architecture, spatial design remains at the core of her practice. The tendency to ‘include the other’ is evidently informed by her practice of architecture, as it embraces scenarios that think of how a space can be best designed to accommodate its inhabitants. Next to that, Engy works with conversation as a medium, text, painting, and photography while borrowing the tools of performative research and self-publishing as means of sharing this accumulation of knowledge with a wider range of audiences. Being part of independent programs of art education and pedagogical spaces has pushed her to define, reshape, articulate, and situate my practice while still maintaining creative exploration. That allowed her to experiment with designing and hosting formats that invite non-artists and artists to produce knowledge about the connection between artists and their immediate context. This opened up a lot of questions about the organization of spaces for art practice, research and education. Engy's work explores different modes of participation, factors that impact social gatherings and their capacity for collective knowledge-making, and how to let conversations unfold through the emerging between individuals inhabiting the same space for a timed event. She usually looks into said spatial typologies, proposing to rethink existing models of meeting, while playing around with scenography, seating arrangements and venues of meeting. Her work aspires to design situations and to plan experiences that perform social dreaming and actions.Engy holds a joint Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the German University in Cairo (GUC) and the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus, Germany in 2018. She has participated in Roznama 6 - Studio Program (2018) and MASS Alexandria’s Independent Studio and Study Programme (2019) and Artists for Artists Masterclass: Radical Care (2020). Her works have been exhibited in group shows in Abu Dhabi, Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Berlin, Cairo, London, Ramallah, and Venice.