Jamming Sessions: Galnish with Elita & Anita

23 May
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Jamming Sessions: Galnish with Elita & Anita

Join mother-daughter duo Elita and Anita for this Jamming Session! They will be teaching us how to make a beloved Chechen dish steeped in tradition called Galnish. Beyond its hearty garlic-infused flavors, Galnish represents a connection to Chechen heritage, embodying the resilience and resourcefulness of its people. Under Elita's homechef wing, participants will learn not just the culinary technique, but also the significance behind each step of the process.


As the Galnish boils, Elita will storytell her childhood in Chechnya, before she had to flee with her family to Jordan because of the war, where she was embraced by the Chechen community in Jordan. The duo will reflect on the role of food in preserving a culture and sharing it with others.


‘Jamming Sessions: Homecooking Series’ is a workshop series led by UAE’s home chefs. Each session features a family duo who teach participants their traditional recipes as handed down through their relatives. The sessions are accompanied by a playlist that sets the scene of a home kitchen.