Jamming Session: Sri Lankan Flavors

26 May
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Jamming Session: Sri Lankan Flavors

Join duo Salmaan and Fazmina this Jamming Session for a Sri Lankan Sunday lunch! 


Participants will be working together in groups to make various dishes and components that will add to the spread. Together, they will be preparing a set menu of parippu (dhal or lentils), brinjal or wambatu moju (fried and pickled eggplant), chicken curry and papadum that will be paired up with ‘kaha bath’ or yellow rice. Lunch will be served on banana leaves accompanied by thambili or king coconut.


During this session, Salmaan and Fazmina will talk about how they learnt Sri Lankan cooking and reminisce about the recipes passed down from their mothers and grandmothers through phone calls and voice notes.


Sri Lankan cooking thrives on ensuring that all aspects of your taste buds and awake, hitting all the flavor notes with various dishes. Rooted from neighboring countries in South and South East, Sri Lankan food pays homage to the flavors and cooking practices from places as far as Indonesia to as near as India. 


Get ready to learn about how much goes into a typical lunch menu in a Sri Lankan household!


‘Jamming Sessions: Homecooking Series’ is a workshop series led by UAE’s home chefs. Each session features a family duo who teach participants their traditional recipes as handed down through their relatives. The sessions are accompanied by a playlist that sets the scene of a home kitchen.