100/100: Hundred Best Arabic Posters

100/100—HUNDRED BEST ARABIC POSTERS is a biennial non-commercial official poster competition, originated at the German University in Cairo, GUC, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts, Graphic Design Department, initiated by a group of academics as a PreMaster project in the winter semester 2015. 100/100’s vision is to document the Arab world’s contemporary visual culture through selecting and highlighting the best Arabic posters, acting as a platform that inspires, connects and educates new talents, academics and professionals worldwide. 


This year's version will display one winning poster a day for 100 days on Warehouse421's facade, our website, and social media platform. Follow this page and our account on Instagram to see the details of each winning entry.

Nora Aly, Egypt 

Date of installation: 6/2/21

"Artist imagine the future" exhibition curated by ishkar Artisan of the United Nation Museum, exploring the theme of future images and climate change.

Nada Adel, Egypt 

Date of installation: 7/2/21

Series of posters designed for the visual identity of Cairoprints exhibition 2020 at Cairopolitan.

Hind Kharifi, Morocco 

Date of installation: 8/2/21

Poster for a sale exhibition specifically for young autistic people to represent the childlike spirit that we as adults may have lost throughout the years.

Tracy Chahwan, Lebanon / United States 

Date of installation: 9/2/21

Poster published in Beijing and Shanghai by Dada nightclub celebrating Ernesto Chahoud’s Taitu album release party with his DJ partner J.J. Whitfield.

Firas Said, Jordan / Kuwait 

Date of installation: 10/2/21

The poster was a promotion for the “One Book for Peace” book by Y&R Dubai, a book that gathered the teachings from the Holy Bible and the Quran.

Engy Aly, Luca Schenardi, Egypt 

Date of installation: 11/2/21

Visual identity and poster design for The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI)—Photomarathon 2019—an annual competition open to professional and amateur photographers looking for new, dynamic ways to interact with the city.

Salma Shamel, Egypt 

Date of installation: 12/2/21

The Palestine Literature Festival takes place in Palestine each year. It was created as an act of cultural solidarity with Palestine by a group of international cultural figures, brought together by Founding Chair Ahdaf Soueif, in 2008.

Nader Isaac Ibrahim, Egypt 

Date of installation: 13/2/21

Multi-Purpose poster made for ICRC and published in MENA region – to help communicate the humanitarian facts about the explosion.

Khouloud Hajri, Morocco 

Date of installation: 14/2/21

The poster was designed for the Arab Film Festival in Zurich. It was not much of a poster, but more of an attempt to enhance the value of Arabic typography, which is in itself a strong element of our culture, and to introduce it on an international scale.

Nassim Azarzar, Morocco 

Date of installation: 15/2/21

“Youmein” creative media festival selects artists to produce a work in two days on a theme changing each year. 2019’s theme was “desire.

Mirna Noaman, Egypt 

Date of installation: 16/2/21

To bring the International Humanitarian Law closer to Muslim communities, the series utilizes negative space to visualize conflict in relation to Islamic scripture.

Abdo Mohamed Eid, Egypt 

Date of installation: 17/2/21

Poster designed for Al Qalam art house, to announce a type design workshop by Khaled Hosny, and supported by Glyphs.

Massim Azarzar, Morocco 

Date of installation: 18/2/21

Visual identity and research project for “Qanat” collective platform, exploring the politics and poetics of water in Morocco.

Archief Cairo Studio: Hana Neuman, Maram Al Refaei, Egypt 

Date of installation: 19/2/21

Following with 2020’s pandemic, “bekya!” is a call for support, and a poster advocated for workers whom their income relies on daily chores.

Valerie Arif, Egypt 

Date of installation: 20/2/21

The poster was designed for the French Institute in Egypt to promote their annual event, the Fête de la Musique. The idea was to give a subtle nod to Rachid Taha with the visuals, hence the hat and his two favourite raï instruments.

Valerie Arif, Egypt 

Date of installation: 21/2/21

This series was designed for Zawya cinema to promote the 11th edition of the Panorama of the European Film.

Seif Hesham, Egypt 

Date of installation: 22/2/21

Part of an international group exhibition, organized by VIDAK, held in Seoul, South Korea. The message was to spot the light on our unsystematic mindless consumerism toward natural resources.

Hussein Salem, Egypt 

Date of installation: 23/2/21

Poster for Very Nile, an Egyptian initiative raising awareness about consumption of single use plastic and its effect on the Nile river and the broader environmental consequences on the Nile basin.

Hussein Salem, Egypt 

Date of installation: 24/2/21

Proposed lettering and brand visual for Kerfuffle Music Event Series, an upcoming funk and electronic music event series based in Dubai.

Nour El Din Ahmed Yehia, Egypt 

Date of installation: 25/2/21

War against plastic.

Ahmed Hammoud, Egypt 

Date of installation: 26/2/21

Poster design for FRACTAL Party, featuring International and local DJs.

Zeroposters, Jordan 

Date of installation: 27/2/21

Poster design workshop as part of Jeddah season 2019 in collaboration with Workshopx.

Milk design: Alaa Tameem, Jordan / Saudi Arabia 

Date of installation: 28/2/21

Class of milk is a weekly source of knowledge. Every week a member of Milk Design Studio shares their unique skills and knowledge with the rest of the family.

Mahmoud Abd El-Ghany, Egypt 

Date of installation: 1/3/21

Visualisation of Alexandria’s beach waves through expressive typography, saying “the shores of Alexandria".

Engy Ali, Egypt 

Date of installation: 2/3/21

Digital poster for Sporadic Schooling; a program of workshops, exhibitions and discussions that focus on visual cultures.

Zena Adhami, Syria / United Arab Emirates 

Date of installation: 3/3/21

This poster represents the complexity of the Arabic language by describing the concept of Love. The poster was exhibited during Graphic Matters 2019, in Breda, The Netherlands

Cardamon House, Lebanon  

Date of installation: 4/3/21

Designed for Beirut Animated Festival, planned for 10/2019, cancelled due to the ongoing events in Lebanon. Animated by Alaa Fleifel, Saheer Ghazzaoui, Noura Kabbani, Dalida Raad, Rana Bacha.

Ahmad Hammoud, Nora Aly, Egypt 

Date of installation: 5/3/21

Identity and Poster Design for Cairo Cinema Days Film Festival.

Seif Hesham, Egypt 

Date of installation: 6/3/21

Poster series as part of Gwangju Design Biennale (GDB), International Invitational Poster Exhibition, as the exhibition theme was “humanity”.

Abdullah Samir Morsy, Egypt 

Date of installation: 7/3/21

Designed by Thirtythree Design Studio, featuring Kafr El Dawar Records.

Valerie Arif, Egypt 

Date of installation: 8/3/21

Designed for Zawya to announce their 5th birthday celebration. The artwork uses the Zawya logo as a basis and stretches it in a soft, flowy way.

Ghalia Elsrakbi, Syria / Egypt 

Date of installation: 9/3/21

Official poster for Cairotronica Festival.

Engy Mohsen, Egypt 

Date of installation: 10/3/21

A series of posters for the 9th Cairo Video Festival, organized by Medrar for Contemporary Art to showcase video art and experimental film productions.

Tarek Abdelkawi, Egypt 

Date of installation: 11/3/21

Official poster for Cairo Jazz Festival, 2020.

Mohamed Monem Saad, Egpyt

Date of installation: 12/3/21


Nada Adel, Egypt

Date of installation: 13/3/21

The Ant ghee, Experimental poster I designed to be exhibited in Cairo prints Exhibition.

Ahmed Mohamed Abo Madyan, Egypt

Date of installation: 14/3/21


Celine Raffy Shahinian, Egypt

Date of installation: 15/3/21

This illustrated poster's purpose is to show the environment of the place that sells sea food in Cairo, how the sea food is displayed, the decoration and colors inside the place, & the people.
You will also find a lot of cats there, attracted by the smell of the fishes.

Ahmed Elhabashy, Egypt

Date of installation: 16/3/21


Firas Said, Jordan / Kuwait 

Date of installation: 17/3/21

"One for peace" gathers teachings from the holy books of the Bible and the Quran.

Paula Nageh Amin, Egypt

Date of installation: 18/3/21


Hossam Harfoush, Egypt

Date of installation: 19/3/21

The experimental poster is a personal statement of the designer's feelings and emotions. It, basically, discusses the feeling of not-belonging, or losing self-identity, or home. It's a metaphoric message that aims to express the designer's struggles and discomfort in his own home--whatever this home is.

Mays Yasser, Iraq

Date of installation: 20/3/21


Maram Nashaat Al Refaei, Saudi Arabia

Date of installation: 21/3/21

This poster is rather emotional, poetic, and greatly attached to a certain memory I had (in which I drew), sitting with a rocky shore, a shiny ocean, and a tall mountain, and triggered by a song called “Second Hand Smoke” by William Fitzsimmons. I (simply) had feet in the ocean, and mountains on the right side of me. I was connected. That was it.

Ahmad Hammoud, Nora Aly, Egypt

Date of installation: 22/3/21

Identity for Panorama of the European Film film festival.

Tawfiq Dawi, Jordan

Date of installation: 23/3/21

Enough is enough.

Tawfiq Dawi, Jordan

Date of installation: 24/3/21


Maram Nashaat Al Refaei, Saudi Arabia

Date of installation: 25/3/21

Designed for cultural purposes, DO NOT COPY HEART © is one inspired from AM Heart Native Egyptian Gum package I found in Attaba.

Milk Design: Alaa Tameem, Jordan/ Saudi Arabia

Date of installation: 26/3/21


Nisrine Sarkis, Lebanon

Date of installation: 27/3/21

A poster in response to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Arwa Alshammari, Saudi Arabia

Date of installation: 28/3/21

Experimental poster. To be fine, a call for strength and optimism in the dark/hard moments.

Sarah Al Adayleh, Jordan

Date of installation: 29/3/21

Designed for an Arabic Typography theme.



Dana Al-Sheyyab, Jordan

Date of installation: 30/3/21

Philosophy - Experimental.

Ahmed Mosaad Sayed, Egypt

Date of installation: 31/3/21


Ibrahim Hamdi, Egypt

Date of installation: 1/4/21


Ghalia Elsrakbi, Syria / Egypt

Date of installation: 2/4/21

The poster was to promote the "Future Design & Design Future" Conference and Exhibition organized by the Graphic Design Program at The American Univesity in Cairo.

Ibraheem Khamayseh, Palestine

Date of installation: 3/4/21

For design practice.

Haitham Almayman, Saudi Arabia

Date of installation: 4/4/21

An experimental lettering poster celebrating the art of the Arabic script. Combining the classic square kufic style with the visual language of the postage stamp, the word (Taaba' طابع) is presented in a unique, bold and modern way. The hero word is complemented with different interpretations of the word Taaba', to invoke curiosity and emphasise the idea of unique characteristics and form.

Karim Shehimi, Lebanon

Date of installation: 5/4/21

Freedom of Speech in the MENA area.

Zeroposters: Alaa Tameem and Tariq Yosef,  Jordan

Date of installation: 6/4/21

Experimental isometric design.

Sally Mallat, Lebanon

Date of installation: 7/4/21

I created this lettering poster in support of the Lebanese revolt of October 17th, 2019. The main purpose was to honor my people’s strength and their willingness to create a better home and future.



Maya Chams, Lebanon

Date of installation: 8/4/21

This poster was designed after researching Piet Zwart's design process. I decided to combine diagonals, overlapping and manicules (reminders of his work) to represent the struggles he faced as a designer who had way too high expectations for himself, worried too much about what people thought of him, and was repeatedly the center of criticism.

Sara Ally Adlly Ally Done, Egypt

Date of installation: 9/4/21

The poster is designed to self reflect the oppression the Arab female faces in its own country by its own family. It's a response to the many rape/harassment events that have been occurring lately in Egypt. If we can only listen to those females and support them in whatever they have faced without be-lying them and asking for stronger proofs for believing. If only people saw a female as a human with a mind and soul, Things would be different.

Seif Hesham, Egypt

Date of installation: 10/4/21

The poster series was a part of Gwangju Design Biennale (GDB), Int. Invitational Poster Exhibition, as the exhibition theme was "Humanity".
Held in Asia Culture Center (ACC) | Gwangju, South Korea, 2019.

Eyen Design, Jordan

Date of installation: 11/4/21

Experimental poster. To be fine, a call for strength and optimism in the dark/hard moments.

Lana Kurdi, Syria

Date of installation: 12/4/21


Lana Kurdi, Syria

Date of installation: 13/4/21

When you're having a creative block, shut down your laptop and dance on top of it!

Zeroposters: Alaa Tameem and Tariq Yosef, Jordan

Date of installation: 14/4/21

Love has different names and synonyms in the Arabic language that explains the level of love or the condition of the lover. this poster back to the 80s style featuring the stages of love according to our Arabic language.


Ahmed Geaissa, Egypt

Date of installation: 15/4/21

To express the meaning of the Egyptian word "مِسْتكَنيَصْ"

Habiba Nasr, Egypt

Date of installation: 16/4/21

The poster was designed as part of a poster series for Wesh W Dahr, a bilingual leporello design magazine focusing on the 'Past' reflected in Dahr and the 'Present' reflected in Wesh. The main aim was to visually reflect and promote the main cornerstones of the magazine. The bilingual contrasting approach as well the intertwining between the past and the present with a contemporary approach as to how designers reincorporate the past into the present.

Engy Mohsen, Egypt

Date of installation: 17/4/21

Chatrooms or “How Can a Group of People Set Up a Place for a Collective Discussion” is a poster series that act as guidebook to rethink existing models of meeting through the appropriation of ready-made furniture, and how to it creates situations where a collective conversations can take place. They offer recipes with ingredients to set up those spaces elsewhere.

Abdulrahman Mostafa Sabry, Mariam Amr Sheta, Egypt

Date of installation: 18/4/21

A diversity campaign for a skateboarding fashion brand.


Fatima Alketbi, United Arab Emirates

Date of installation: 19/4/21

Exploring Arabic Typography with unconventional design methods that come with experimenting and materials. Therefore, I chose materials that reflect the Emirates culture in a poetic way describing the materials that I used and my grandma was my source of inspiration for me to create my posters.

Sherine Salla, Egypt

Date of installation: 20/4/21

This poster was made for my bachelor project “Makhtout,” which aims to study and explore the relationship between Arabic-Islamic manuscripts and contemporary graphic design.

Sama Beydoun, Lebanon

Date of installation: 21/4/21

Final year graduating project - "Beirut Street Museum - متحف شارع بيروت".

Rita Azar, Lebanon

Date of installation: 22/4/21

A call for action for the revolution (thawra) in Lebanon

Shoug Abdullah Almutairi, Saudi Arabia

Date of installation: 23/4/21

this is the second poster for the tasteer poster series, it is a part of an academic project which we had to create a brand and then create several posters for the brand. for this project i created Tasteer which is a publishing agency that specifies on Arabic based art and design , the main concept of the posters were to highlight that these books were made by local hands and it is about our Arabic treasure. ( please note that the mentioned info about the event are fake and it was written for academic reasons)

Rana Wassef, Egypt

Date of installation: 24/4/21

This poster, Buy Nothing Day, is one of the series Every Day Is A Celebration. And this day is an international day of protest against consumerism. I present this day by cutting a huge number of price tags and incorporating them with typography with the use of some rasters to add layers and texture to the poster. Also placing silhouettes of the cuts to add volume and contrast to overall empower the message.

Archief Cairo Studio: Hana Neuman, Maram Al Refaei, and Yara Ismail, Egypt

Date of installation: 25/4/21

Our final newspaper cover falls under a love theme. The title says, “Waiting for a Love Guru.” Hence, this edition includes articles and information that relates to this theme, but in the cultural frame we chose.

Sohila Khaled, Egypt

Date of installation: 26/4/21


Manar Magdy Samy El-Shahawy, Egypt

Date of installation: 27/4/21


Leen Albaz, Syria

Date of installation: 28/4/21

Part of a campaign project for a retrospective exhibition on Syrian poet, Nizar Qabbani.

Rita Rafik Khoury, Egypt

Date of installation: 29/4/21

Poster series about national/international awareness days. This poster is about the 'Stupid question day', which is celebrated in September 28th and is usually celebrated by teachers and students. It encourages you to overcome your fear of sounding uneducated, and opening yourself to learning by asking your stupidest questions.

Nouran Abed, Egypt

Date of installation: 30/4/21

Poster for a book of the modern interpretation of the story Ali The Persian from the 1001 Arabian Nights stories. The story is about Ali, going through the airport with a bag that he burrowed from a friend and finding surprises popping up in the scans at each security check.

Samar Zureik, Jordan

Date of installation: 1/5/21

Graduation Show.

Mohammed Nassem, Saudi Arabia

Date of installation: 2/5/21

This poster was part of an exhibit in Échirolles, France, celebrating the Polish design tradition, specifically circus posters. The inspiration came from the bold typography of the circus posters, as well as Polish designers adapting foreign movie posters to their own vernacular. The CYRK lettering was made by paper, with all the letters connected, in homage to the connectivity of the Arabic script.

Reina Imad Akkoush, Lebanon

Date of installation: 3/5/21

This poster was designed as an academic project for the Poster Design course at the American University of Beirut. We had to create a poster for an album or a concept for a musical artist. I was assigned Dhaffer Youssef, a Tunisian composer, singer and Oud player who is heavily influenced by Jazz, electronic music and oriental string instruments. Thus, his music is a transcendental fusion of musical genres. I decided to create a poster which mimicked this fusion aspect of his music with a mix of concepts and themes that range from the orient to modern jazz aesthetics.

Fatema Taher, Lebanon

Date of installation: 4/5/21

Part of a poster series under the title of "qaem / the uprising", final year project.

Fatema Taher, Lebanon

Date of installation: 5/5/21

Part of a poster series under the title of "qaem / the uprising", final year project.

Mariem Abutaleb, Egypt

Date of installation: 6/5/21

Visualizing folk songs in Port Said City (Coastal environment) into lettering designs. This is done through Envisioning the lyrics through lettering and, turning each song to an illustrated piece from the original environment. This reflects on how the cultural environment influences the group to create their own kind of folk songs. The style of the posters focuses on analyzing the cultural environmental elements along with integrating them within the design.

The attached poster visualizes a folk song inspired by the Coastal environment of Port Said.

Menna Tarek Zaki, Egypt

Date of installation: 7/5/21

Under the topic: plastic. I decided to tackle the topic: plastic surgeries.

Shima Aeinehdar, Iran

Date of installation: 8/5/21

Khaneh (Persian: خانه, meaning home) is an exploration of what home means to me as a third culture kids. The visual language of safety matches often represent the cultural aspects of the country of origin. A scene from an airplane, which is in between my home country and my motherland, shows the feeling of uncertainty and not belonging to a specific place.

Shima Aeinehdar, Iran

Date of installation: 9/5/21

During a pandemic, mental health is a critical issue we all face and it is important for us to protect it as much as we protect our physical health. Omid (Persian: امید) means hope and the form of the designed lettering consists of a chaotic beginning with intertwined kashida that ends in a simple and smooth way. This design is a way to express the overwhelming experience of being in quarantine and having to adapt to immediate changes. Yet, we find ourselves making peace with it, remain hopeful, and understand that we will all get out of this situation more patient and mature.

Seif Hesham, Egypt

Date of installation: 10/5/21

The poster promotes the bachelor presentations of the faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts, German University in Cairo (GUC) | Academic year 2019|2020.

Ayah Khaled Farouk, Egypt

Date of installation: 11/5/21

The poster about Sinbad the sailor from Alf Leila w Leila. The visual language inspired from Arabic carpets ( Ex: Persian and Egyptian carpets) with heavy and detailed character or symbols that tell a story. My illustrations represent set of keywords according what the story represent (imaginary, loud, fantasy, and youthful). The main focus on illustrations to catch the viewer's attention. Each frame represent Sinbad's protagonist and face new challenges. I combined to create Sinbad's world with endless adventures. The Purpose of poster to tell the story through visual communication, represent main characters and show each challenge Sinbad face through his journey.



Amira Elsheikh, Malak Ghoniem, Egypt

Date of installation: 12/5/21

This poster is a cover for the book which is the outcome of my bachelor project about the music evolution in Egypt.

Menna Diaa Medhat, Egypt

Date of installation: 13/5/21

Corona awareness poster.

Amr Ashraf Aly Mohamad Bakr, Egypt

Date of installation: 14/5/21


Habiba Mohamed Elbadrawy, Egypt

Date of installation: 15/5/21

I was briefed to create a film festival so I came up with the concept of using abandoned buildings (ashwaeyat) for the films screening and as for the poster series I decided to portray objects that could be found at the place were the festival takes place.

Toka Assal, Egypt

Date of installation: 16/5/21