Warehouse421 Artistic Research Grant

Applications deadline has been extended 10 April, 2022

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Warehouse421 is proud to inaugurate its Artistic Research Grant, an annual program that supports social inquiry in creative disciplines.

Conceived prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the grant aims to support a dynamic space for artistic research focused on the arts, pushing for a stronger engagement between creative practitioners and their communities across the region. This objective remains firmly unchanged, as the current situation only highlights the importance of creative practitioners’ as an active part of a social fabric, of the crucial role of further and more complex inquiry into nodes of connection that facilitate the systems and structures essential for society to function.

Open to local and regional early-to-mid-career creative practitioners, the grant supports practice-based research investigating contemporary social questions through interdisciplinary methodologies and active engagement with the researcher’s community. Creative practitioners can work through disciplines including but not limited to visual art and curations, design and technology, literary arts, culinary arts, music, theater and performance. The grant targets topics that investigate the intersections of these disciplines with social and cultural topics, such as communal and public spaces, languages and linguistics, transportation and mobility systems, urbanity and its social and cultural fabric, economics and migration, and art institutions and ecosystems.

The grant targets artistic practitioners with strong rigorous inquiry in their process of creation, whether it’s poetry, fiction, music, curation, and the various visual arts. While this is not an academic grant, a strong interaction with the historical, geographical, and intellectual context of a grantee’s topic and medium is expected. Practitioners whose research methodology is tactile and experiential, and includes material experimentation alongside community engagement, and whose outcomes extend beyond contributing to academia to include experiences, accessible content, and experiential artworks, are encouraged to apply.

Grantees are required to produce a textual outcome detailing the research process, and are encouraged to conceive of other formats of research expression as part of Warehouse421’s effort to promote a wider dissemination of knowledge. This can include, but is not limited to performances, school or public programming, symposia, or exhibitions. If the proposal is accepted, a production budget for additional outcomes must be developed in consultation with and subject to approval by Warehouse421.


Warehouse421 will award the grantees a budget up to AED75,000 ($20,380) to support their research and project.


How to Apply:

For application details and to submit, please visit https://warehouse421.submittable.com/submit

We advise prospective applicants to review the application requirement early in their preparation process. Applications are only accepted through our online applications forms. Applications submitted via regular mail or e-mail will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.