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Warehouse421 opens exhibitions, The Cup and The Saucer and The Stonebreakers

Abu Dhabi, UAE – March 8, 2020: Warehouse421, the arts and design center based out of Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi, has opened its two newest exhibitions: The Cup and The Saucer by artist Hashel Al Lakmi and curator Munira Al Sayegh, and The Stonebreakers, by curator Murtaza Vali.

The Cup and The Saucer is a commissioned exhibition interrogating themes on individualism, collectivism, separation, and unity. The contemporary pieces work with a wide range of mediums, from a striking variety of paintings including one that measures 10 meters by 2.75 meters in size and an installation made-up of 52 paintings as one body of work; to sculptures, video works and a sound piece. Each colorful and vibrant work complements its neighbor to form a playful compendium, inviting the viewer to explore the collective vs the individual.

The Stonebreakers focuses on ship-breaking yards in three South Asian countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. Artists Hira Nabi, Ranjit Kandalgaokar, and Shumon Ahmed converge through the mixed use of archival, photographic, acoustic, and filmic elements to create a surreal vision of these maritime landscapes, drawing inspiration from the historical and continued importance of the port cities of the Arabian Gulf.

The Cup and The Saucer Will run until May 17, and The Stonebreakers will run until April 26. For more information and opening times, please visit