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Warehouse421 announces extension of Lest We Forget - Emirati Adornment: Tangible & Intangible

Exhibition exploring Emirati culture and heritage through a rich display of objects, memories and personal reflections will remain open to the public until 24 September

Due to its popularity, the Lest We Forget – Emirati Adornment: Tangible & Intangible exhibition has been extended until 24 September 2017 at Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi, offering the public an opportunity to further explore Emirati culture through this beautiful, compelling exhibition of ‘tangible’ and ‘intangible’ forms of Emirati adornment.

The exhibition presents personal objects of adornment shared by Emirati contributors along with memories, reflections and works of art that these objects inspire. Bridging the gap between past and current generations, the exhibition features both historical and contemporary examples and practices.

Lest We Forget – Emirati Adornment features ‘tangible,’ concrete, and physically lasting forms of adornment, including garments, burqa, jewelry, weapons, attributes, and accessories. It also considers ‘intangible’ adornment that is temporal and impermanent — the enhancement of the face and body through the application of evanescent henna, kohl, fragrance, and cosmetics, as well as through grooming, nail care, and hairstyles. The exhibition acknowledges ‘intangible’ cultural heritage: the creative spirit, knowledge, skills and aesthetic sensibilities that are passed down from one generation to the next.

An innovative community-based national initiative supported by the Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation, ‘Lest We Forget’ seeks to document Emirati vernacular heritage and cultural identity and share it through exhibitions and publications.

Lest We Forget: Emirati Adornment will run until 17 September 2017.