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The Living Archive

5 February - 21 June

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The Living Archive











As part of our Winter 2023 Season, we invite visitors to head to our front desk to pick up recycled seed paper, which includes various fruit and vegetable seeds to be planted in the pots located in Courtyard 2. The seed paper can be planted after writing a meaningful memory on it. This collaborative community installation accumulates and grows over time, carrying our collective memories. An unofficial archive of this project will be published when the season concludes. Participation is free and open to all.


The Living Archive explores the relationship between memory and life: it asks you to relinquish a memory onto a seed, materialize it and write it down, then letting it go to its next life by planting it. When the words are released into the earth, you are relieved of a memory and another life is born because of it. Like us, our memories too can change, grow, and become something new.


The seed paper was conceptualized and produced by Mohamed Rowaizak. Rowaizak is an Architect  at Schlumberger and the founder of the Pilgrim Series, for limited edition handmade Arabic craft products. He is a co-founder of MRM, a collaborative design studio exploring crossovers between local craft and technology. Rowaizak graduated with a B.Arch from the American University of Sharjah where he received the MAD award.

Check out Rowaziak’s Pilgrim Bottle and Dallah Packs at our Dukkan421.