Colorful Leaps with Maryam Al Dabbagh

17 December
16:00 - 17:00

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Colorful Leaps with Maryam Al Dabbagh

Colourful Leaps: Leap into a world of colour as we meet artists from the United Arab Emirates. Listen to their stories and learn all about their different forms of art, skills, and what inspires them. You too can be as colourful as them with a bit of inspiration.  


A Reading from the book, followed by a discussion about journalism, writing, words and pictures with Maryam Al Dabbagh.


What do you think community means?

Children will be given a small mirror to help them draw or paint a  self-portrait of themselves  in a square format;  towards the end of the session, we will connect all the pictures in a quilt like mural to portray even though we are all different, we still are part of one community.

They will then be asked to write a description of their works.

About the instructor: 

Yasmine is the owner of Early Starters. She grew up around books her life as her father was in the publishing business. Her lifelong dream was to open her own independent bookstore that would host the community in more than one way.