Open-calls for the year 2022/23

Comprising of The Artistic Research Grant, The Curatorial and Artistic Developmental Exhibition programs, The Residency, and the Internship and Mentorship Programs, all designed to support emerging practitioners in the MENASA region. 

The open calls fall under the Capacity-Building Programs, which continue to evolve from insights identified through focus groups and studying the response to 421’s general public programs. The programs invite creative practitioners and professionals from within  the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia regions and who demonstrate a commitment to their chosen creative field.


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Curatorial Development Exhibition Program: Screening Screaming: (Human)Nature in Crisis

Deadline is  May 15th

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Program will start in September 2022


Screening Screaming: (Human)Nature in Crisis
Warehouse421 and the Bombay Institute for Critical Analysis and Research (BICAR) invite curators from the MENASA region to propose a group exhibition, public program, or publication on the theme: ‘Screening Screaming: (Human)Nature in Crisis’.

The program will think critically about the Anthropocene and its presence in contemporary art, thought, and philosophy. Man-made ecological crisis has taken center stage in art today, depicting injustice not only between humans, but increasingly across species. At the same time, in philosophy, new realities emerge around the clock, premised on there being a Great Outdoors, a nature-in-itself independent of human beings. On these views, the universe should be a democracy of objects that includes inanimate and animate nature, human and nonhuman. But humans have failed to decolonize their relation to nature: they continue to impinge upon, crowd out, and destroy the earth in an apocalyptic present.


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